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The world is always moving on and cryptocurrency constantly follows it. Move in step with the times successfully investing and getting daily income. With us, you will be able to maximize profits by realizing your opportunities at boundless crypto-market.



The company BLITZMAT-BTC is relatively young, but nevertheless, quite a promising organization in the investment sphere. In spite of the relatively small age, we are able to do business at the greatest and the most profitable currency and financial stock exchanges in the world and we hold the honorary place in the crypto-currency market.

Our main target is the maximization of the profits and providing our investors and partners stable income by means of successful risk management and diversification. We build the long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partners and develop together investing the most beneficial projects.

The young, but the promising company – is a perfect chance to realize the plans and potential opportunities both for beginners and highly-experienced investors.

Actual Activity

It is quite difficult to imagine the modern financial world without crypto-currency, without speaking about the near future. Our objective – is to move with the technologies of future.

We are open to everyone

We are glad to every investor regardless of the sum of their deposits. The programs, which our experts create, are targeted to meet every customer’s needs.


Strategic planning allows us to develop flexible financial models, to adapt to the external environment’s changes and to work out optimal plans.